How We Saved A Househelp From Going Jobless And Homeless During Lockdown

Poornima had migrated all the way from Bihar to Delhi, lured like many others by the promise of a better life. She reached Delhi and took up work as domestic help. Her husband found gainful employment too.

The family was living a very modest, yet peaceful life, but fate had other things in store. The peace and quiet in the lives of Poornima and her family were soon shattered by an ear-splitting din. The din of adversity. The din of disaster.  

Within six months of their arrival in Delhi, the couple lost their jobs as the nation went into a lockdown, trying to save itself from a deadly virus that was on a killing spree. Their child had already missed several classes due to the relocation, and now, the school was shut down, with no clarity on when it would reopen. Owing to the strict restrictions on movement as part of the lockdown, travelling back to their hometown in Bihar was also out of the question for them. They were at their wits’ end.

The family somehow managed to procure food and other daily needs with the little savings that it had, but was not able to pay house rent. Poornima and her family were stuck between a rock and a hard place. They had no earnings from which they could pay house rent, they could not leave Delhi, and not paying house rent carried with it the spectre of being hounded by the landlord. Non-payment of rent could have resulted in the family being driven out of its home. To make matters worse, debts continued to mount ominously with every passing day.

Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation came to know about the plight of Poornima’s family and decided to help. It is the aim of the foundation to support people who have lost their jobs and homes during the pandemic. In pursuance of this aim, not only our volunteers but also our founders have met and interacted with needy people and ensured that they get all the support that they require. During one such visit, one of our founders Swati Goel Sharma met Poornima.  

Poornima poured her heart out and requested us to help her in clearing her house rent. We made an immediate transfer of funds, with which she could pay her house rent for several months. Poornima was overjoyed. She is doing much better now and hoping to get back to normal life soon, as the hold of the pandemic loosens.  

Many like Poornima have struggled after livelihoods vanished in the wake of the lockdown, and we wish we could have helped more such underprivileged people. The crisis that the world is facing can be overcome by being sympathetic to the needs of others. Humaneness is the need of the hour. Do support our work so that we can in turn support those who are crying for help.

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