When We Saved A Young Woman From Debt That Had Grown Three Times Scarier

Twenty-year-old Savita wandered the streets of Delhi in search of work, but work was not easy to come by. She had migrated to Delhi under considerable duress, with her family struggling under a mountain of debt. Savita’s father had borrowed Rs 25,000 for his utensil shop in 2015. He, however, could not repay the debt and the loan amount bulged to Rs 80,000 in five years.

Fed up with repeated visits by the creditors, Savita decided to find work and shake off the debt burden once and for all. After a lot of searching, she landed a job as a house cook in Delhi. However, that was not the end of her ordeals. Her life was slowly getting back on track when the pandemic struck and a strict lockdown was imposed. Savita lost her job and was stranded in an alien place with hardly any resources to sustain herself, let alone send to his family.  

Savita’s life was in free fall, and it seemed she and her family would be crushed under the pile of debts. Things took a turn for the better after we met her during one of our sewa drives during the lockdown. A distressed Savita approached us for help. We decided to clear her debt and also give her a bit extra to cover miscellaneous expenses that she might be incurring.

Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation made an immediate transfer of Rs 90,000. Savita sent the money home. Her parents were relieved and thanked us profusely for our support.

Today Savita is debt-free and has also got her job back. She is happy that her struggle had paid off. This year (2021), she also married her fiancé.

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