When We Pulled A Victim Of Mob Violence Out Of Financial Mess

Humans can be terribly cruel beings.

A trivial altercation led to a big fight, and Dinesh Kumar was left to die, beaten black and blue by a mob. Dinesh lives Kaduwar village, in Agra’s Fatehpur Sikri.

Tensions apparently took shape when Dinesh was on his way on his scooter somewhere and demanded a carpet to be removed from the street. The carper owners, however, did not take to this demand well.

They allegedly ganged up and attacked Dinesh. They took him to a nearby godown and beat him up mercilessly. People from the neighbourhood rushed to the godown on hearing Dinesh’s cries. The mob, however, was undaunted and started to move towards the colony in which Dinesh lived. The hooligans pelted stones and were also armed with sticks.

On reaching Dinesh’s house, they dragged her sister out and tried to brutalise her, tearing her clothes in the process. A heavily injured Dinesh jumped to his sister’s rescue and was beaten up again. The goons also fired a few shots in the air from a handgun. Dinesh and his family members chose to save themselves rather than going after the goons and endangering themselves further.

All these details are mentioned in the complaint filed by Dinesh, based on which an FIR was filed and accused were arrested.

From the FIR:  

Dinesh’s father Omprakash told us that the carpet issue was only a trigger, and the roots of the animosity went far back.

Following this brush with death, Dinesh had to be hospitalised for several days. His treatment cost a lot and the loss of earnings he had to undergo during the time he was in the hospital made matters worse.

Dinesh’s ordeal was covered by the media. We came across one such news report and contacted him. Dinesh poured his heart out to us and we immediately made arrangements for some monetary help.

Dinesh’s case has shaken us to the core. Is it too much to ask people to live in harmony with one another? Have values like love, kindness and compassion gone out of fashion? We have pursued cases similar to that of Dinesh and ensured that the victims of violence got justice. Often officials have taken action after our intervention. Cases like these need to be taken to their logical conclusion and the accused must be brought to book. Mere words of empathy are not enough.

Today, Dinesh has been able to somewhat compose himself and tide over his trauma. We want to make sure that no one has to face the ordeal that Dinesh and his family have had to. For that, we need all your support.

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