When We Employed A Migrant Couple For Our Sewa Work And Saved Them From Financial Crisis

Lata and her husband Chatar Singh moved to Ghaziabad a few years back to earn a better living. They took a rented accommodation, and Chatar Singh started working in a factory.

However, his earnings were not enough to support the family. Lata decided to help. She set up a cart of momos. She began to make about Rs 150 a day.

Lata with her momos cart

The lockdown turned out to be disastrous for them. The factory where her husband worked, shut down. Streets empty of crowds, Lata’s momos didn’t fetch any money either. The hope of earning a better living looked to be going down the drain.  

That is where Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation stepped in. Our volunteers happened to meet the couple. We found them burdened with debt, which they were forced to take to pay the monthly rent as well as schools fee for their children. We decided to hire the couple for our sewa work.

Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation ran numerous kitchens during the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic. We mostly hired families who had lost their jobs. This way, their made some income while we were able to serve the needy.

Lata cooked meals for our distribution drive for 45 days. Chatar helped with packing the meals. We paid them the amount spent on the cooking service along with their salaries.

A still from the kitchen run by Lata and Chatar in their house for our foundation’s relief work

A few days back, they approached us again for financial assistance. This time, they wanted us to help them in clearing the remaining debt of Rs 35,000. Having seen their plight earlier, and also their dedicated service, we decided to transfer the money immediately.

Families like Lata’s move to the city in search of better opportunities and a better life. However, times like the one the world is going through, make it nearly impossible for them to survive. We have helped families like these by simply making them part of our relief works.

Please support us so that we can save families like that of Lata from giving up.

Watch her story here:

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